Eco Roof Insulation

So why choose Lapolla open cell spray foam?

Lapolla are the world leaders in both open and closed cell spray foam, operating in over 35 countries worldwide and are the industry market leaders, winning awards over and over again such as the 2018 Polyurethane Innovation Award (need info on more awards)

So why do people install spray foam over the more traditional fiberglass solution?

Well the answer is pretty simple, as we all know fiberglass sits on the floor of the roof space, which makes it hard to store anything up tiers unless you board over the insulation, this can be costly and time consuming. fiberglass deteriorates by at least ten percent per day year.

Designed to maintain a continuous air seal, even after seasonal expansion and contraction, and offers sound control and noise reduction, but the key benefit is the second to none, exception insulations attributes, by drawing moisture, while trapping air at the same time, allows you to heat the home quicker, for longer and at a fraction of the cost.

Lapolla carries a no fuss, 25 manufacturer’s warranty, and stops hundreds of pounds in lost heat leaking through your roof daily.

Increase the value

of your home!

Quick and easy to install, with the average size property taking on average less than 5 hours from start to finish.

Key Benefits:

  1. Improved EPC (energy Performance Certificate)
  2. Strengthening structural integrity of your property
  3. Improve sound proofing
  4. Space saving
  5. Fire resistant
  6. Increased property value


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